Talagent Tribe

The Talagent Tribe is a community of artists, venues, and fans. In addition to user profiles, discussion groups, and the ability to share your favorite artists and venues profiles on social media, there is the Talagent Tribe Calendar. You can browse the calendar as a guest or you can create a free Fan account to follow your favorite artists and venues and get notified of their upcoming events. With an artist account, you can create events and link them to the venues, and with a Venue account, you will be able to create events and link them to the artists, and then there’s only one event where the artists and venues are promoting the event together.

I know, you’re thinking this is just another social media platform that you have to maintain. But this is not just any social media platform. This site is not just for artists, it’s for fans and venues too. Fans can follow you and you can send them notifications of upcoming shows. You can see every venue’s calendar and contact them about playing there. The venues can contact you through the site as well for booking. Check out this comparison of social media platforms.

FeatureTalagent TribeBands In TownDo512
Customizable NotificationsYesNoNo
Text Message NotificationsYesNoNo
Email NotificationsYesYesYes
Follow ArtistsYesYesYes
Follow VenuesYesNoYes
Follow FansYesNoYes
Artists Can Contact VenuesYesNoNo
Venues Can Book ArtistsYesNoNo

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