Our Story

My name is Michael Caldwell. I fell in love with Austin many years ago and recently I’ve moved back for good. One of the many reasons I moved to Austin was specifically for the live music. COVID has impacted everybody in previously unimaginable ways, and yet, we did what we had to do, persevered, and early this year started to take back control of our lives.

As I started venturing out in search of live music, I found it very challenging to find out where a band was playing. Maybe I had to go to their website, maybe I had to go to their Facebook page, on top of that I couldn’t get notified of upcoming shows. I have a good friend that I like to watch play and I would always get notified the next day. And that app that’s just for artists, I’d get the notifications for their upcoming shows all at once, and then never get reminded again. It’s the same for venues, let’s say there are a few places I want to go to, and it comes down to who’s playing there, I’d have to find every website and check all their calendars to find out who’s playing.

So I decided to come up with a solution to the problem. I have friends who own bars and restaurants and they want artists with a fan base to get more business, and I have friends who are artists who want to perform to get more fans, but they’re not necessarily working together. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s co-operation, but there’s little coordination, and that’s where Talagent comes in. I’ve started by creating this community for Artists, Venues, and Fans, that I call the Talagent Tribe. A place where artists and venues can work together, for the benefit of the fans, which benefits them.

The first, of many services to come, is the Talagent Tribe Calendar. Artists will be able to create their events and link them to the venues, and the venues will be able to create their events and link them to the artists, and there’s only one event where the artists and venues are working together to keep it updated. As an individual fan, you can join the Talagent Tribe and see where your favorite band is playing or who’s playing at your favorite venue. You can also follow them and specify when you want to get notified and how you want to get notified of their upcoming events.

Join the Talagent Tribe today!

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